Our 10 Most Played Songs

Need a playlist? DJing at a gig and have no idea about the audience? Love them or hate them, these our top 10 most played songs.

10 – It Don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing

Get into the swing of things with this Ellington classic. Great upbeat background track that does’nt tread on anyones feet. We suggest some of the more modern covers such as Club Des Belugas’ or a trip hop version of it.

9 – Crystallised – The XX

Laid back and perfect trans background music to settle the nerves before the alcohol kicks in.

8 – Sun Goes Down – Robin Schulz

Sun setting – party time.

7 – Insomnia – Faithless

Slightly more alternative old school dance goodie.

6 – Sia – Cheap Thrills

Another dance pop hit…

5 – How Deep is Your Love – Calvin Harris

Once you’ve heard it a 100 times you wont be able to get it out of your head. Perfect for the EDM loving/Kids/Teens/Adults.

4 – Don’t Let Me Down – The Chain Smokers

Down, down down.

4 – Panda – Designer

Panda, panda, panda…

3 – I Took a Pill In Ibiza – Mike Posner

Go to EDM song to get the kids jumping.

2 – Doc Shebeleza – Casper Nyovest

Awesome track.

1 – Ghost Town – Adam Lambert

Numero uno, surprisingly relaxed song but perfect dance floor opener.

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